What’s the best secret diet? No diet! Here’s why!

Mother and daughter buying healthy food in the supermarket

People always think that they need some kind of diet to lose weight and get healthy. But the secret is that the best diet is no diet! Read on to learn why!

Diets are not healthy for people to constantly be on. I actually don’t recommend anyone be on a so-called diet. Never!

I can’t say enough that healthy eating and mindful living is a LIFESTYLE. Diets generally don’t last very long and typically fail in the long run. Statistics show that 45 million Americans are on some sort of diet every year, yet 90% of diets deliver no results (The Washington Post: The Big Number – link is behind a paywall).

You may lose weight in the beginning but then you gain it all back, and then some. In fact, many people gain two to three pounds more weight back after dieting. So, with that said DIETS DON’T WORK.

These types of negative results can leave a person feeling physically and mentally weak, and even the word “diet” can become somewhat of a bad word. A person can fall into psychological depression due to the fact that they keep going on diets yet they don’t see results.

Therefore, instead of constantly dieting, I recommend you should make healthy eating habits and proper supplementation a part of your well-rounded lifestyle.

Let me tell you straight up, everything about clean eating and mindful living is positive and will help builds self-confidence and self-esteem. It will also be your ticket to not suffering from chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, high blood pressure, sleeping disorders and diabetes.

Many of these avoidable diseases mentioned are caused by eating excessive junk food, fewer home-cooked meals, more eating out, too much unhealthy snacking, more driving, less walking, increased time spent on the computer, watching TV, playing video games, and little physical activity.


The word diet written with healthy foods

The first step

A easy first step is to do a pantry makeover and throw everything that is bad for you away. “Out of site, out of mind.” Start fresh and make eating clean a new habit. The basis of eating clean is about consuming primarily whole unprocessed foods. Foods from nature; fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, seeds, grass-fed and free-range meat, dairy and eggs.

One of my favorite quotes to put in practice is “Counting calories becomes completely unnecessary when your food doesn’t have labels.” Trust me, clean eating can be fun and full of amazing benefits like increasing your energy, sleeping better and longer at night, losing weight, having your skin clear up, getting a boost in mental health, and stronger hair and nails. Try out this best “secret” diet and you’ll start feeling better in no time!

Photo of Priscila Monroe smiling Priscila Monroe Health Coach Hi! My name is Priscila Monroe and I am the founder of My Model Body Wellness. I am also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.