My perfect diet and how to find your own perfect diet

Smiling woman on perfect diet

Nature Remedies consultant Emily Formea talks about her perfect diet, based on her body’s needs, and how to achieve it. Hint: it’s easier than you think!

My perfect diet – what exactly is that? I mean:

I eat more than most people I know.
I eat more than the boys I go on dates with.
I eat more than the girls on YouTube or the calorie apps.
I eat more than my old self.
I eat more than the models.

Because I finally eat for me.

I wanted to spend a little time calling your attention to something that has truly been bothering me lately: People comparing and contrasting their diets to those of other people.

It’s everywhere! “What I Eat in a Day” videos on YouTube. You can find over 100 calorie apps, calorie counters online, or other forms of devices telling you how much and of what you should be eating. You can find millions of articles about the right diet in the right amount. The correct way, time, measurement, and macros to eat.

I see videos online titled, “1200 calorie diet,” and “How I lost 20 lbs in 1 month.”  There are photos showing my ‘daily diet’ with calories and the whole shebang! You can find almost anyone’s ‘diet’ online including celebrities, professionals, and between you and me, a lot of people who don’t know what they are saying in the slightest!

So, in this blog post I’m actually not going to share what I eat, how much, how little, when, where, or how, rather I want to share with you my diet. My perfect diet!

The diet that has worked for me.
Completely altered my life, in fact.

The only perfect diet out there: having no diet at all. None.

No rules. No regulations, limitations, or expectations. I eat what I want, when I want it and how much I want. Totally crazy, right? I mean, look at some of the questions I get:

“How are you not super fat?” “How do you not just eat junk food all the time or eat all the time in general?” “How do you eat enough of the right foods and how do you know when you are actually full?”

Woman buying kale

It’s called listening, my loves

We listen to everyone else in the entire world, but we never listen to ourselves. I used to listen to this diet and listen to this pretty girl. I would listen to that YouTube video or this article I found from a simple search engine. I trusted Google more than myself or an app that asked me three questions about myself. I told myself I didn’t know the answer before I ever even tried.

Stop listening to other people about yourself. Trust yourself. You were born with the intuition and ability to eat until satiety, eating mostly good food that made you feel good. You weren’t born weighing your servings or fearing food. You were born knowing hunger, knowing what made you feel the best, and eating when you were… you guessed it… hungry.

And most importantly, you were born not stressing about it. You were born not thinking twice about food. That’s because it’s just food. We have placed all these stresses and meanings and values and fears around an inanimate object that has absolutely no power over us minus the power we give it.

That’s just it. We give it that power. Time to take the power back.

Stop taking the advice of computers on what you should be fueling your incredible body with. Stop comparing your plate to someone else’s. That’s their plate, that’s the point.

Love yourself enough to eat well. I think the silliest thing people ask me in terms of my diet is, “How do you not just eat junk all the time without having rules or being on a diet?”

I love myself way too much to fuel my body with junk constantly. I know what makes me feel good. I know what makes me shine. I love and respect myself so much that I want to eat well and be well, but also being well is enjoying snacks and goodies and treats from time to time.

I have no pressure to do or be anything other than myself. I have no influence on what I am, what I do, or especially how I eat because the only person that knows my perfect diet is myself.

The perfect diet is not having one. The perfect diet is listening to yourself and silencing the chatter from the diet world telling you they know best simply based on your age, gender, and height.

You know yourself best. Stop ignoring yourself and allowing someone else to speak for yourself, your body, and your plate.

The perfect diet is having none. The perfect plan is listening to you.

It’s also the obvious one because you were born with this plan, so stop trying to silence it. Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself and remember that food is food. ABSOLUTELY nothing more than that!