Weight loss

Weight management

At some point in our life, one way or another, we all get discouraged with how much we weigh. Obesity is an epidemic spreading rapidly across the globe, thanks to the proliferation of processed foods, sugar and a lack of awareness on the part of most people. In the United States alone, two out of every three people are considered to be obese, while nearly three-quarters are overweight, based on statistics from the World Health Organization.

Unhealthy weight can lead to many complications and has been one of the major contributors to deaths in the US in recent years and has been tied in to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, breathing problems and many other severe health conditions.

This is where Nature Remedies steps in – our wellbeing consultants can help you increase your awareness of what you eat, how much you eat of it, when you eat it and how to lead a more active and less sedentary lifestyle.

A balanced diet is one of the most important ingredients in leading a lifestyle focused on wellbeing and having good mental health. When we don’t eat well we become cranky, tired and weak, and our minds can’t function at the high level that they are supposed to. Healthy eating needs to be coupled with regular physical exercise to be completely effective however, and our consultants can easily help you reach your goal of hitting your desired weight – whether it’s to fit into your wedding gown or just to shed a few extra pounds after the holidays.

Nature Remedies’ wellness consultants can offer a variety of tailored solutions for each person, based on lifestyle, age, gender and more, and ranging from simply cutting down on the amount of food one eats to undergoing a full lifestyle and thought process shift.