Detox programs

Detox programs

We all know what it’s like not feeling very good with our bodies, for whatever reason. Maybe you have the need to cleanse and purge your system after a big family vacation, or maybe you’re looking to cut down on the amount of alcohol that you drink on a regular basis. Perhaps you even detox on a regular basis and are looking for something new to try out? This is where Nature Remedies’ wellbeing consultants can craft a specific detox program tailored to your individual needs and demands.

There isn’t a single program that suits everyone, and therefore our consultants will happily discuss the issues that are bothering you, taking into account your history, allergies, sensitivities and pre-existing conditions.Some detox programs last only for a few days, while others can go on for several weeks and are actually more of a lifestyle change. Most programs last around one week, however, as that gives the body enough time to eliminate the harmful things that are bothering us while getting used to the new way of life and living.

There are several types of cleanses and detoxification diets that the Nature Remedies wellness consultants deal with, including, but not only: full-body cleanses, fasting, liquid-only, hypoallergenic detox, weight loss, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, toxic metal cleanse and more.

How do you know if you need a detox for your body? Everyone’s body is different, but if you suffer from conditions such as sluggishness, irritated skin, bloating, puffy eyes and mental confusion, then a detox from the Nature Remedies experts could be just the thing that your body needs in order to get it humming in tip-top shape again. Remember that a detox is a way to begin integrating healthy habits, so it’s important to try to avoid reverting to old habits when coming off of one.

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