Surviving the holiday period – Nature Remedies style!

Holiday period gloves and hot chocolate

Surviving the holiday period – for some it’s a breeze, but for other people it’s one of the scariest times of the year!

The winter months towards the end of the year are packed with time off work / school, family fun, too much food, festive cheer, and for most people a lot of stress and worry.

Here at Nature Remedies, we try to make things easy for surviving the holiday period, and enjoy this time of year for what it is and what it offers, rather than get all worked up over what we ate, who will be offended if we don’t show up for a party / dinner and if we actually got the right presents for the right people! So read on if you want to know how we make it through this season with our sanity and our health intact!

This is an inside look at some of our best practices which help us to survive the holidays
Keep things in perspective!

This is true for food and for relationships and everything in between. So what if you ate too much over Thanksgiving and you’re scared that you’ll OD on eggnog during Xmas? Will you really be offended if your second cousin twice removed doesn’t show up for your New Year’s bash? Don’t beat yourself up too badly over small things.

Guess what? You’ve got plenty of time to hit the gym and work out and get back into your routine. As for people and relationships, some people are just not worth taking offense over and you’re probably better off with them out of your life rather than having them invade your thoughts. Take a broad view rather than a narrow view – see the big picture and make surviving the holiday period a piece of cake (literally!!!)!

Make sure you have some time to relax and recharge

Cooking holiday dinners, buying gifts, decorating the house (and cleaning it before decorating!), hosting relatives, seeing people you haven’t seen for a long time – these are all things that can pile on significant amounts of stress and sleepless nights filled with anxiety. The obvious solution is to make some time to chill out and put things aside for a bit.

Our personal favorites at Nature Remedies include swimming, doing yoga, sauna, walking the dog and sometimes just chilling out in front of the TV. All of these help with your mental wellness to ensure you’ve got the fortitude to make it through to next year!

It’s common knowledge that exercise releases endorphins, which help you to feel good, and being in nature has an amazing effect on our positivity! Try out some grounding exercises or just stand in the sunlight, absorbing Vitamin D and listening to the birdsong!

Be thankful for the people around you

The holidays are a time for gathering with our loved ones, catching up on what we’ve all done over the past year or years. Instead of stressing out over it, try to understand that this is a unique period where you get to spend time with people who are important to you, who love you and who want to be with you. Be grateful for who you have and the people who love you and make sure to tell them how important they are to you!

Have a schedule

There’s so much going on that you have to do, and it’s easy to get burned out. What’s the solution? Make a schedule for everything! Plan out in advance when you need to cook something, when you’re going to go buy gifts, when you’re going to start decorating and more. When you’ve got your schedule ready at a glance, it’s so much easier for surviving the holiday period, since you know exactly what to do and when you’re going to be doing it!

This was a peek into our holiday routine at Nature Remedies and how we get through surviving the holiday period – put these tips into practice, incorporate them into your routine for the next few months, and you should be able to glide through holiday season just as if you were skating on a beautiful new ice rink!