Essential oils for mind, body and relaxation

Many people think that aromatherapy is nothing more than a hot bath with some kind of perfumed water but nothing could be further from the truth. Combining the science of aromatherapy with the right essential oils provides one of the highest forms of relaxation that you can find anywhere. However, aside from relaxation, essential oils offer a number of other benefits.

First of all, everyone wants to look good and this starts with having good clean skin and using the right essential oils in your aromatherapy session. Nearly all essential oils double as excellent moisturizers because they are able to penetrate the skin so deeply.

In an aromatherapy session essential oils are typically known to be extracts from various kinds of plants. The advantage of using extracts from plants is that the aromatherapy oils are a natural and organic product. Sometimes additional chemicals are added to the oils to create better consistency or more pleasing aroma but the purists claim that no additional laboratory-created chemicals be added

In addition to the relaxation and cleansing of the skin there is also therapeutic value in essential oils, as they can heal many different types of ailments. While doctors may say there is no scientific evidence to support this claim they also cannot argue with the hundreds of thousands of people who are more than willing to testify as to the healing powers of aromatherapy oils.

Many aromatherapy oils also have anti-inflammatory properties which can work well to relieve the aches and pains found in inflamed joints such as pulled muscle and even arthritis. This is recommended for many post-surgery patients to provide them with a more positive frame of mind as well as utilizing the healing benefits.

There are a great number of oils that can be used with aromatherapy and the one you choose might vary from session to session depending on whether your primary purpose is relaxation, skin cleansing or pain relief. Some of the more popular oils are lavender, neroli, lemon, sandalwood, and rose. For relaxation one of the favorites is using equal parts of lavender oil and geranium oil.

With so many things going for aromatherapy oils you owe it to yourself to pamper yourself and give it try. Your only regret will be that you did not give it a try sooner.