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Noam Bechar

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Position: Clinical & Sports Nutritionist
Specialty: Sports nutrition, Weight management , Vegan and vegetarian eating
Languages: Hebrew, English
Fee: $135
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Specialty Sports nutrition, Vegan and vegetarian eating, Weight management


Hi! Nice to meet you all!

I’m Noam Bechar, a Certified Clinical & Sports Nutritionist.

Nutrition, fitness and overall wellness were always a great part of my life. Maintaining a healthy body & mind by eating well, training smart and practicing mindfulness are my personal top priorities, while promoting and coaching others to obtain this way of life is my true passion.

I hold a B.Sc. is Nutrition Science from East Carolina University (ECU) and an MBA in Biomed & Biotech from the College of Management Academic Studies (COLLMAN). In addition, I completed my clinical nutrition training at Sourasky (Ichilov) Tel Aviv Medical Center, one of the leading teaching hospitals in Israel.

Throughout most of my entire childhood and young-adult life, I have had the opportunity to be a professional athlete – a swimmer; maintaining an intense training, racing, nutritional and academic regime throughout high school, the military service and during undergraduate school.

This made me fall in love with everything that has to do with self-discipline, nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Once I completed my swimming career at ECU with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Nutrition Science, completed my MBA and my coaching certificate, I decided to change my life’s journey a bit by guiding others down the road of health, balance, wellness and happiness. Together we can make our lives better!

Wise people say, ‘we are what we eat’, and I truly believe this is true. Let me help you find the enjoyment in healthy eating.

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