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Mirit Amarbir Solomon

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Position: Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant
Specialty: Ayurveda , Kundalini yoga teacher
Languages: Hebrew, English
Fee: $100
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Specialty Ayurveda , Kundalini yoga teacher


Hello, I am Mirit Solomon.

After spending many years as a high-tech specialist, I decided to leave the field once I started a family, in order to connect more with my inner self. Based on my family’s medical history, I knew that if I didn’t make this change in my lifestyle and become more conscious about treating my body, mind and spirit, I would soon start to visit doctors and therapists.

Initially, I started out with Kundalini yoga, and after a few years I was approached by my teacher, who said that it was time I also started to teach. However, I knew, physically, that yoga wasn’t enough for me, so I started studying Ayurveda, the science of life based on old Vedic Scriptures.

In 2016 I graduated from Kerala Ayurveda Academy in California, and ever since, I’ve been incorporating the three things I love the most, all under one roof named Delishveda: Ayurvedic cooking, Kundalini yoga teachings and Ayurvedic counseling. Today, I work with clients both in the United States and in Israel.

Mirit Solomon

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