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Maya Abraham

Main information
Position: Naturopath, Clinical Herbalist
Specialty: Children's wellness, Natural cosmetics, Female wellness, Skin health, Nutrition
Languages: English, Hebrew
Fee: $100
Specialty Children's wellness, Female wellness, Natural cosmetics, Nutrition, Skin health


Hi, I’m Maya Abraham, Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist.

I’ve always known that each and every one of us has a healing force inside our mind and body and after a long journey of learning about these forces I decided to become a naturopath.

I received a B.Sc. in computer science and spent five years working as a program developer, while also spending an additional three years as a research member at the Technion, one of the world’s leading universities, focusing on genetic research.

Even as I was busy advancing my career, I realized that my true love and passion were in natural medicine, leading me to quit and enroll in naturopathic studies. Because it felt like being a naturopath was the right thing for me, the entire learning process happened quite quickly and soon enough I was helping people use their inner healing force.

While studying natural medicine I brought two amazing girls into the world and found myself dealing a lot with femininity, pregnancy, babies and children, which led me to specialize in these interesting and important fields.

Currently I run my own clinic, hold workshops, and am a lecturer at the Broshim Campus for Integrative Medicine at the Tel-Aviv University Sports and Health Center.