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Kim Farmer Nature Remedies consultant

Kim Farmer

Main information
Position: Wellness Expert
Specialty: Health optimization, Personal training
Languages: English
Fee: $75
Specialty Health optimization, Personal training


Kim Farmer is the CEO of Mile High Fitness & Wellness a corporate wellness organization serving companies of all sizes.  She has successfully helped companies integrate holistic wellness programming into the workplace helping them reduce stress levels and improve performance and productivity.  Her presentations inspire motivation and creativity, helping individuals make lasting, intrinsic behavior change using preventive wellness efforts.  Her energy unites teams and leaders, encouraging organizational culture change using creative wellness programming.

She is a regular contributor to several media outlets including print and radio and has published books, articles and DVDs.  She also has a strong passion for serving nonprofit organizations with her health and wellness expertise and freely gives her time to community based, public health efforts. As a two-time winner of the Colorado State Open, she loves to play tennis, dance, exercise and eat chocolate.