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Karla Tafra

Main information
Position: Nutritionist , Health Coach
Specialty: Holistic healing, Weight management , Stress management , Autoimmune conditions, Superfood healing
Languages: Spanish, English, Croatian
Fee: $125
Specialty Autoimmune conditions, Holistic healing, Stress management , Superfood healing, Weight management


I’m a certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, content creator and overall wellness coach from Croatia, residing in Seattle, WA. Yoga changed my life in so many ways, and I find it my purpose to share my experience and knowledge. Becoming a nutritionist was a natural consequence of finding out about my own autoimmune disease and diving so much into it, I decided to get certified to be able to help others not have to go through all the struggles I did.

Before coming to the USA, I lived in Spain for 3 years, and throughout my life, I taught many different kinds of people, from athletes & dancers to young kind, pregnant women, and elderly. I believe in the sharing of energy & how everyone should do yoga, both for the physical and mental benefits.

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