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Jennifer Patrishkoff

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Position: Health and Detox Specialist
Specialty: Hormone balancing, Emotional wellness, Vegan and vegetarian eating
Languages: English
Fee: $80
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Specialty Emotional wellness, Hormone balancing, Vegan and vegetarian eating


Hello! My name is Jennifer Patrishkoff and I created the platform Raw Vegan Ginger to express my passion for raw living foods in hopes to inspire healthy change in our world. I am also a certified health coach specializing in detoxification and love to watch people heal and thrive!  I believe that we are all worthy of vibrant health and achieving our dreams.

My mission: I am here to share my raw and real journey while making a positive impact on the world. We weren’t put on this planet to just pay bills then die, I believe that we are here to follow our hearts and overcome our greatest challenges so we can live the life we’ve always dreamed of. My passion is helping others help themselves out of suffering since I too have suffered and overcame my mental and physical health issues naturally. Each and every one of us deserves to live a life full of vibrant health, self love and happiness!

Work with me: Let’s face it. We all need a helping hand at times. Life can become difficult to balance at times with all of the social, financial and family pressures we create for ourselves. Sometimes it can all feel a little too overwhelming and we feel like giving up. I completely understand where people are coming from feeling this way since I too have been in that space before. There is no need to give up when an open hand is always there for you. Find the courage within yourself to reach out and ask for the help you need with whatever it may be. When we create health from within, physically and mentally, we find that our outside world is much more easier to take on so we can THRIVE!

As your Raw Vegan Ginger health and lifestyle coach, my role is to meet you where you are at on your current health journey and help you create change for yourself so you can accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. Each and every one of us are uniquely different due to our backgrounds and environments so together we can customize this process to fit your personal needs and lifestyle together. I am passionate about people healing and achieving their goals so reach out to me when you are ready to make that change!

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