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Jeffery Heubschman

Main information
Position: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Specialty: Digestive health, Weight management , Nutrition, Blood sugar regulation
Languages: English
Fee: $100
Specialty Blood sugar regulation, Digestive health, Nutrition, Weight management


I am Jeffery Heubschman and I am a professional chef with over 30 years of experience cooking in restaurants all over America and the world. I ,like most of you ,took the Standard American Diet and the food pyramid to heart and tried to stick to it. When that did not work ,I would go on fad diet after fad diet, normally it would be another version of a low fat high carb solution. I soon developed insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, inflammation and a host of digestive issues.  After mainstream medicine failed to help me, I turned to research. I started to implement what I learned into my cooking and diet. In under a week, I lost almost all of my painful chronic inflammation in my ankle. This sent me into geek mode with even more reading and research. I soon had  my A1C markers down from 7.9 to a 6.1 and I knew I was on the right track. This led me to the Nutrional Therapy Association. I knew If I could utilize the knowledge taught at this Functional Nutrition school I could help others like myself. Now I have a thriving practice and my focus is utilizing the foundations of nutrition to reverse your insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. My goal is for everyone to have optimal health.