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Claudia Cramer

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Position: Exercise Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian
Specialty: Eating for mental health, Fat loss / muscle gain, Autoimmune conditions
Languages: English
Fee: $100
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Specialty Autoimmune conditions, Eating for mental health, Fat loss / muscle gain


Claudia Cramer is an Australian-based Qualified Nutritionist and Dietitian. Since graduating from University with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Masters in Dietetics Studies, she has also completed further study and completed her Sports Dietetics qualifications.

Following a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition in 2014, Claudia has a personal interest and ongoing passion for helping people to optimise their Gut health (specifically auto-immune disease) and using food functionally to assist with anxiety, depression and overall wellbeing.

Claudia aims to partake in further study in Naturopathy and herbal medicine to further assist her clients as well as to enhance her personal knowledge on treating the body holistically.

Claudia Cramer

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