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Alaina Horbas

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Position: Fitness & Wellness Coach
Specialty: Yoga, Weight management , Stress management , , Healthy lifestyle creation, Bridal wellness
Languages: English
Fee: $100
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Specialty , Bridal wellness, Healthy lifestyle creation, Stress management , Weight management , Yoga


Alaina Horbas is a certified yoga instructor, group fitness instructor, strength & training specialist and creator of Sculpt.Zen.Shred: 12 weeks to Total Transformation. She spent her high school and college years as a cheerleader and dancer so fitness was always an enormous part of her life. Once she graduated and lost the structure of the team environment, she quickly learned how little she actually knew about maintaining a healthy weight.  With no real knowledge of how to work out or eat, she quickly put on 30lbs and kept it on as struggle to find something that worked. Bouncing from workout program to workout program, the results were always the same: Lose weight, end program, gain weight back.

Frustrated and uncomfortable in her own skin, she decided to finally figure this all out when she got engaged. The excitement of the wedding was her motivation to finally get her health under control.  She started by practicing yoga at home and then transitioned to a studio. Yoga was her gateway to the fitness world and will always hold a special place in her heart. Yoga taught Alaina how to quiet her mind, and put the focus on the amazing things her body can do, vs solely on what it looks like. Now having a better mindset around body image, she was ready to tackle a more intense workout routine.

Over the course of 5 months she lost all the weight she put on and then some. Even more than the weight loss, she gained a confidence that she never knew was possible. That was the moment she knew she needed to share everything she learned with as many women as possible, so that other women could experience this same liberating confidence.

Alaina Horbas has recognized that most fitness programs are lacking the key factor in making change: mindset. While working with Alaina you can expect a big focus on the internal change as well as the external, because she truly believes that one cannot occur without the other.

Alaina specializes in lifestyle change. No quick fixes or crazy restrictions here. She believes that you can have the body and the life of your dreams, you just need to make the decision to create it.

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