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Adell Bridges

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Position: Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Specialty: Health optimization, Emotional wellness, Emotional eating, Digestive health, Yoga, Personal development , Food addictions
Languages: English
Fee: $400
Specialty Digestive health, Emotional eating, Emotional wellness, Food addictions, Health optimization, Personal development , Yoga


Hi! I am Adell Bridges and my life changed when I trained to be a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

You see, I first became aware of the importance of looking after my health as a teenager, and spent my entire twenties taking advice from every sector of the health industry. I often felt overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated because of all the conflicting advice on what’s best, and it usually led to me giving up altogether and going back to bad habits.

Believe me, I’ve tried nearly every diet and taken every supplement!

I finally stopped listening to others, and began to tune into MYSELF. I realized that the only expert I needed was right there within me. I found balance, and through that, I found health and happiness. And now it is my passion to help others do the same.

I don’t believe in adhering to diets, or denying yourself of what you love, or restricting yourself in anyway. I believe in living a life that’s full of vitality. Let me be your coach so together we can find the best way to be your best self.

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